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Adventures in the Square Mile

The Roman city of Londinium is the oldest part of London. It centres around St. Pauls' Cathedral and is now London's great financial powerhouse. Often known as the 'Square Mile' as it is contained within the square mile of the oldest Roman wall built around 200 AD, the area teems with history. Our walk will take in parts of Shakespeare's London, the London of Charles Dickens and a walk around the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street - the Bank of England. We can even enter and get to hold a Gold Bar.

Tour Overview
Start Around 10amDuration: 3 hrsYou'll be walking 2 miles*

*special needs or requirements? Simply let us know and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's
The great masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren, it replaces an even larger cathedral which burnt down in the Great Fire of London in 1666. If time permits we can enter St Paul's for a guided tour (Admission charges apply).
The Old Cheshire Cheese
Picadilly Circus
A wonderful old pub frequented by Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and Doctor Samuel Johnson. Technically just outside the City, it stands in Fleet Street - the traditional home of English newspapers. We can stop for a visit inside.
The Livery Hall of the Worshipful Society of Aposthacaries
Trafalgar Square
A beautiful old building built on the site of the great monastery of the Blackfriars. It also stands directly by the site of the first indoor Playhouse of London. Scene f many of Shakespeare's greatest triumphs. If you wish to visit the site of the original Globe Theatre, just ask about our tour of London's South Bank.
The Church of St. Bartholomew the Great
A Norman church built as part of the Priory of St Bartholomew, it has been the location of countless films, including 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', 'Shakespeare in Love' and the latest Robert Downey Jnr. film of Sherlock Holmes. A beautiful and atmospheric Church.
The Fat Boy at Pie Corner
Parliament Square
What caused London to burn down in 1666. We may think it was a fire started in the King's baker's house in 1666 they blamed the sin of gluttony for God's punishment of the City. The fire ended here in Giltspur Street and so was erected the golden statue of the little 'fat Boy at Pie Corner'!