Testimonial for Royal London Tours with Image of the Royal Guards

The Royal Tour

A wonderful introduction to Royal London.

Want to see where the Queen was born and where she was brought up? After looking at the Royal Horse guards on duty at Whitehall and discovering the grand houses and ceremonial routes of St James and Whitehall, we head off into the hidden streets of Mayfair and walk in the footsteps of the Queen when she was a girl.

Tour Overview
Start Around 10amDuration: 3 hrsYou'll be walking 1-2 miles*

*special needs or requirements? Simply let us know and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

Horse Guards Parade
Horse Guards Parade
This is where the Royal Horse Guards are on duty. They are either from the Life Guards or the Blues and Royals and are on sentry duty mounted on their horses. We will get in place for 11am for the Changing of the Horse Guards.
The Horse Guards Museum
St James' Palace
Step inside this beautiful small museum and you will be able to try on the ceremonial headwear - very heavy! - and see the horses being groomed ready to go on Parade. A real 'behind the scenes' view.
Pall Mall
Home to the Gentleman's clubs of London, this long, straight thoroughfare was built by King Charles II in 1661 to play the Italian game of Pallo a Maglio - Bat to Ball. It leads to the oldest Royal Palace, St James Palace.
St James' Street
Parliament Square
Shops which provide goods to the Royal family are given the right to display a Royal warrant - and St James' Street is full of them! Hats, shoes, wine, whips, gloves, cologne, umbrellas and even bread and jam are all provided to the Queen from shops in this area.
Berkeley Square
Parliament Square
It was in a house near Berkeley Square where the Queen was born and it still retains a fashionable air today. Also well placed for the expensive shops of Street, Piccadilly and Burlington Arcade.