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London is a city of great ceremonial and royal occasions, and who better to guide you than Royal London Tours? Why? Because our guide, Martin Harvey, was in the Scots Guards Band for fourteen years. He knows the ‘inside’ stories, what goes on behind the scenes and what it is like to wear a Bearskin hat – in fact, book one of our tours and Martin will bring his Bearskin and the Red Tunic along so you can try them on for yourself – and take a photo for the folks back home!

Our most popular London tours:

Scarlet and Gold
Royal London Guides - Scarlet and Gold
An exclusive insider’s tour of the Guards and State Ceremonial
This tour tells you the 'inside' stories told from personal experience. You'll get great views of Changing of the Guard. Bring your camera because you will get the chance to try on the Bearskin and Tunic!!!
The Royal Tour
The Mall
A great introduction to the classic Royal London experience!
A walk around the highways and byways of Royal London, including the Royal Horse Guards on duty at Whitehall, the Royal shops of St James and the exciting world of Piccadilly and Trafalgar square.
Adventures in the Square Mile
St Paul's Cathedral
A walk around the hidden streets and alleys of the City of London.
From Roman remains to the latest cutting edge architecture. Along the way we meet Mr Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and visit St Paul's Cathedral.
The East End and the Olympics
Cable Car
The Olympic tour
The Olympic Games may have ended, but there is a huge amount to see in this now thriving area of London. During this tour we'll see the latest regeneration, and take a ride on a Cable Car over the River Thames.
Testimonial For Royal London Tours
Martin Harvey Lodon Tour Guide

Your tour guide Martin Harvey is a professional Blue-Badge qualified Guide, Member of the Association of Professional Tourist Guides and Guild of Battlefield Guides.

Unique among London tour guides, he is an ex-Royal Scots Guardsman, a Freeman of the City of London and a musician. He led the Orchestra in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyrood for 14 years, and taken part in countless state occasions!

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